LUMEDO offers an efficient LED Controller to facilitate a lighting solution with iPhone, iPod or iPad. You can find detailed information in German (Anleitung, Broschüre) and English (Brochure). If you are from Germany, please visit our German page!

iPhone LED Controller

The iPhone LED Controller comes in a plastic enclosure for DIN-rail, wall or ceiling mounting. The terminal with M3 screws provides an easy way to connect the power supply and LED stripes to the Controller. The Controller comes with 5 channels for warm white, cold white and RGB LED Stripes. Each of the five channels has a maximum output power of 48 Watt. The Controller costs 159€ including VAT. Shipping in Europe is 5€. Due to high demand delivery takes approx. 3 weeks!

Intuitive iPhone App

The Controller comes with a free iPhone App (needs at least iPhone 4S) which may be used on iPad (Gen3), iPad mini or iPod Touch (Gen5). Currently there is no Android App available. RGB wheel, cold/warm white wheel and effects wheel guarantee fast access to all functions. You can download the App here.

Demonstration of iPhone App with LED

For illustration the video shows how to control your light using the iPhone App. Through tapping and rotating the RGB-Wheel the color of the LED stripes may be changed while the inner circle regulates the brightness of the LEDs. The navigation is embedded in the wheel and allows to easily switch between RGB, activity (cold & warm white) and light effects. The power button is centered and enables the user to quickly turn the light on/off. Four buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to store and call up your light settings.

Easy Access to Attached LED Stripes

The lamp selection button on the top left in the main view gives you full control over all your attached LED Controllers. For example: Select the living room and the lighting settings of all other rooms remain unaffected. By choosing multiple rooms, you can change the light settings at once. In total 5 different LED controllers can be added to the App.

Effects & Functions

Besides directly changing the light color, the App comes with six built-in effects:

Not@Home: Secure your home by choosing a time frame where the lights automatically turn on and off.
BalanceLight: Adapts the light towards your circadian rhythm.
Color Changer: Randomly changes between 65.000 different light colors.
Alarm Clock: Wakes you slowly up in the morning with a warm light.
Fireplace: Simulates an open fire through a flickering reddish light.
Cloudy Sky: Changes the light intensity and temperature to simulate a summer day.

Auto-Connect Function

Take your iPhone with you and magically turn lights on and off. The LED Controller recognizes the absence or presence of a connection with your iPhone and accordingly reacts: If you leave the house light turns off and if you come back home it turns on. Note: We do not save any location based data!

Light Automatically Adapts to Your Circadian Rhythm

Your body adapts to the daylight and is influenced by the light temperature. Recently Harvard scientists found that cold light emitted by cold white light bulbs, televisions or laptops harms health while a soothing warm white helps to reduce stress. On the other side, cold light also helps to activate the body and enhances concentration. The perfect light should therefore balance cold and warm light during the day according to the individual daily routine. The BalanceLight function of the iPhone app enables the user to individually set time points: At the morning warm light will wake you up, at work cold light will activate you and after work warm light will calm you down until it turns off when you want to sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find answer to the most common questions. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
Is there an Android App?
No! As Google does not support Bluetooth 4.0 Android will not be provided. As soon as efficient drivers are available we will release an Android App.
Does the System work on iPhone 4?
No! We provide an App for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. The App also works on iPad (3gen and upwards), iPad mini and iPod touch (5gen upwards). We are working on a dedicated iPad App.
I`m a retailer, online shop or distributor. Are there any special conditions for me?
Please contact us under
Do you provide help for lighting experts and manufacturers?
Which language is the App?
English. We also provide German instructions.
Where can I get the luminaire displayed on the front page?
From us. Contact us at to preorder the luminaire for 299€.