The LUMEDO iPhone LED Controller

Comes with 5 Channels for controlling red, green, blue, warm-white and cold-white LED Stripes. The controller has up to 240 Watt power and is compatible to most LED stripes.

The installation can be done in three easy steps:

1. Connect the Stripes
2. Connect the Power Supply
3. Download the App

1. Connect the LED stripes

Connect the LED Stripes with the Terminal of the Controller. You can attach RGB-Stripes, warm-white and cold-white Stripes with an output power of 12 - 24 VDC. You can buy the LED Stripes from us for 79€. This includes: 1m RGB, 1m cold white and 1m warm white LED stripes.

2. Connect the power supply

You can attach any power supply with 12-24 VDC. Just plug it into the Controller and afterwards in the socket.

3. Download the App

Install the free App by searching for "Lumedo" in the Apple AppStore. Tap on the Icon on your Phone to start the App. The controller(s) will be automatically added to the App. You are ready to go!